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  • When One Adult Child Needs More Financial Help Than Another August 20, 2019
    Some boomer and Gen X parents want to assist their grown children financially from time to time, either to enhance their kids’ lives or because their sons or daughters are struggling financially. But when is it okay to help one child more than another? And what’s the best way to do this without upsetting the… […]
    Richard Eisenberg
  • How to Find Low-Cost Care for What Medicare Doesn’t Cover August 20, 2019
    Medicare covers most health care services, including preventative care. But as new users of the federal health insurance program soon find out, it typically does not cover routine dental, vision and hearing care. Medicare may cover some of these services when it relates to another serious medical issue or when a person is at risk… […]
    Edie Grossfield
  • Is Your Money Happy? August 20, 2019
    A ten-year old boy spending coins given to him by his grandparents at the candy store. A 55-year-old paying off the last of her credit card debt. A mom and dad pinching pennies to surprise their teen with a car. Those are examples of what Ken Honda, author of Happy Money: The Japanese Art of… […]
    Richard Eisenberg
  • 8 Ways to Balance Home and Office Life Under the Same Roof August 19, 2019
    The advantages of working from home include the lack of a commute and the absence of a mandatory 9-to-5 schedule. Yet at some point, those same advantages of having a home office can hinder your ability to create a clear distinction between your workspace and your home life. Switching from business to personal mode takes… […]
    Richard Eisenberg
  • Lawsuit Seeks to Let Medicare Patients Appeal Coverage Gap August 19, 2019
    Medicare paid for Betty Gordon’s knee replacement surgery in March, but the 72-year-old former high school teacher needed a nursing home stay and care at home to recover. Yet Medicare wouldn’t pay for that. So Gordon is stuck with a $7,000 bill she can’t afford — and, as if that were not bad enough, she… […]
    Edie Grossfield

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