Most people believe you must be impoverished to qualify for Medicaid benefits. This is a common myth regarding Medicaid qualifications. You do not have to be poor to qualify for Medicaid. There are over 26 categories of Medicaid assistance, such as Pregnancy, Breast & Cervical Cancer patients and Long Term Care benefits for citizens 65 years and older.

We help educate and prepare our clients for short and long term care so that they may age gracefully. Our services provide an alternative to the traditional Medicaid planning and much lower fees. Traditional Medical planning services can cost near $7,000 to $15,000 to retain an Elder law attorney. There are circumstances where you would need an Elder law attorney if you have a considerable net worth and special needs dependents.

Our Advocates are trained, using Medicaid's Policy and Procedure Manual only, to offer alternative solutions to the traditional Medicaid Planning. Starting with a free consultation, your Advocate will assess your or your loved ones' long term care needs and discuss what services and how our services will be of your benefit. We work closely with you and your family to build a long term care plan. If we are unable to meet your Medicaid Planning needs, we have an array of Elder law attorneys we can provide referral to.

Your Advocate will apply for Medicaid benefits on you or your loved ones behalf. We would become the liaison between you and Medicaid, to help you better understand the Medicaid program. We will complete the required Medicaid interview and aid in getting your requested information to Medicaid, on time even if we have to drop your documents off ourselves. We can provide ongoing case management services such as annual re-certifications, reported changes, case status and administrative appeals.