Beacon of Light Care will allocate 95% of the Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant to invest in our direct service workforce through financial compensation, wraparound benefits, and retention activities. Our direct service workforce is the driving force behind our mission and goal to deliver first-class HCBS waiver services, with respect, honor, and dignity. This is the perfect opportunity to show our deepest appreciation to our direct service workforce. Using the funds awarded from the Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant, Beacon of Light Care will develop and implement an Employee Bonus Program, with various opportunities for our direct service workforce to earn extra performance bonuses for their excellent work.


The purpose of the Employee Bonus Program is to improve the financial and mental well-being of our direct care workforce, through incentives and rewards, so they can continue to remain participant focused as they perform their service assignments.

Our Employee Bonus Program Plan:

Beacon of Light Care will implement an Employee Bonus Program with the following opportunities and incentives for direct service workers to earn financial compensation for their completion of one or more of the Employee Bonus Program incentives.

  1. New Hire Sign-on Bonus Incentive
    1. New hires that complete the training and probationary period (180 days) will qualify for a sign-on bonus of $1,000. This incentive is paid $250 after the probationary period and $100 each month thereafter for the remaining reward.
  2. Increase the training/probational wage.
    1. Currently, the training and probationary period (180 days) hourly wage is $11. The new-hire expenses outweigh the current employee retention rate. We have lost much needed funds to onboarding and training new-hires at the regular employee starting wage of $13 hour and this has caused us to decrease the training and probationary wage until the new-hire becomes a regular employee.
  3. Employee Referral Bonus
    1. Current employees can qualify to receive a bonus of $200 for each new employee referral if the referral is hired. Employees will receive $100 after their referral completes their training and probationary period (180 days) and $100 when their referral completes 12 months of employment.
    2. Some qualifications are, the new hire must: complete the training and probationary period (180 days), retain employment for 12 months and have not violated agency policies or negative disciplinary actions taken against them.
  4. Employee Point System
    1. Each employee will receive a point for compliments, great attendance and actions that are above and beyond their service duties.
    2. A point will be deducted from the employee for tardiness, call-offs, and other non-productive actions.
    3. A point scale will be developed and employees can cash in their points for various rewards such as gas card, gift cards, spa gift cards, lunch-on-us rewards, paid mental health days off and more.
  5. Performance Appraisals
    1. Each employee will have 4 quarterly performance appraisals.
    2. Each employee will be eligible for a performance wage increase after their training and probationary period (180 days), one year employment anniversary and after the 4th quarterly performance appraisal.
  6. Annual Employee Appreciation Ceremony
    1. Beacon of Light Care will create the annual Direct Service Workforce Appreciation Award, in honor of the Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant.
    2. This award is to highlight the awesomeness of our employees and appreciation for the state’s assistance in providing the funding so we can highlight, appreciate, and reward an honorable direct service worker.
    3. Each employee will have the opportunity, after their training and probationary period (180 days), to qualify for the Direct Service Workforce Appreciation Award.
    4. Beacon of Light Care will develop the qualifications for the winner based on employee performance, seniority other service duties as well as the terms and conditions on how to vote for a nominated employee, how an employee is nominated and how the winner will be chosen.
    5. The winner will be announced at a planned ceremony and given a certificate, plague and performance bonus agency check for $1,000.