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  • Could We See More Patients Receive ‘Social Prescriptions?’ April 23, 2019
    The practice of prescribing social activities as an alternative or complement to medication for a variety of ailments has become more common in countries such as Canada and the U.K., and it appears some people are finding it beneficial in the United States as well. In 2017, a U.K. study published in the medical research… […]
    Edie Grossfield
  • Is the Swelling in Retirement Confidence Believable? April 23, 2019
    A new landmark study of America’s workers and retirees shows they’re significantly more confident than a year ago in their ability to live comfortably throughout retirement. I wish I could believe them. But based on actual retirement savings trends, retirement health costs and long-term care expenses, I sadly think many of the workers and retirees… […]
    Richard Eisenberg
  • Age-Friendly Health Care: Speaking Up About What Matters to You April 23, 2019
    (Editor’s note: This content is provided by The John A. Hartford Foundation, a Next Avenue funder.) As you get older, your medical care can ripple across every aspect of your life. It might be a prescription that makes you too tired for dinner with the family. You may love bowling, but a hip replacement has kept… […]
    Grace Birnstengel
  • How to Volunteer Abroad Without Breaking the Bank April 22, 2019
    It’s noon on Monday, and I have just completed my first “organizational leadership, teambuilding and recordkeeping” session volunteering with the Sissala Area Tractor Owners Association in Tumu, northern Ghana. The session went well but, as usual, there were surprises. I knew the group was having trouble getting members to pay dues, and during the mid-morning… […]
    Richard Eisenberg
  • Food for Thought: Senior Residences Offering Better Dining Options April 22, 2019
    Eli Ayoub plates a delicately cooked piece of fish to which he’s added garden-fresh flavor and eye appeal with fresh rosemary. As he delivers the order to the diner and carefully situates the white plate on a linen-covered table in front of her, smiles spread across both of their faces. Ayoub is not a fancy… […]
    Edie Grossfield

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