Health & Social Advocate

Health and Social Advocate services are maintained through case management under the supervision of a Social Worker. These services monitor the quality of care given to the client from the Agency, personal and home care attendants, physicians and nursing staff. Your Advocate can be presence at scheduled physician visits, regular facility wellness check-up.

To combat the rising cost of long-term care, Our Advocate services assist community members and nursing facility residents apply for Medicaid benefits to financially assist with the cost of long-term care. Medicaid benefits are available to help pay for expensive nursing home stats, hospitals stays as well as home care to allow community members to reside at home as long as possible. You do not have to lose your every dime or become poor to receive assistance with long term care!

Our services does not end should you or your loved one have enter a facility temporarily and/or permanently

Household management is also offered to assist clients in the management of household bills, supplies, maintenance and repairs. Let’s breakdown what the Health and Social Advocate services consist of.


The Health Aspect...

The health aspect of this service provides you and your loved ones an advocate to speak on your quality of care. Advocates visits your loved ones regularly in their home or whatever facility they may be residing whether short term for rehabilitation or long term to inquire about the quality of health care they are receiving.

Other important services offered on the health side of our advocacy includes:

  • Keeping track of regular appointments and follow-ups
    • Arrange transportation to scheduled appointments if needed
    • Accompany client to regular and specialized healthcare appointments
  • Ensure needs are communicated to their health care provider and staff.
    • There may be questions our elders forget to ask or unsure of what to ask.
  • Provide important information regarding their health to their health care providers and staff.
  • Request and collect medical records from all medical providers to furnish each medical provider with a complete inclusive medical record.
  • Ensure medication prescriptions are up-to-date, filled and organized.
  • Ensure health care is at the desired attentive level of care.
  • Keep those authorized informed of any changes in health.

The Social Aspect

The social aspect of this service provides social events and offer public assistance program application and ongoing services, such as Medicaid and various long term care programs.  We coordinate with local non-profit organizations, churches, health care staff, nursing home staff, financial advisers and support groups to offer educational material and presentations to deliver viable information to our senior community and their families.

Your Advocate can provide assistance with applying for federal, state and local benefit programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare Savings Program, Energy Assistance Program, Social Security and the Local Trustee office.

Household Management Services provides frequent scheduled in-home visits are conducted to assist with mail-sorting, bill paying, setting up direct deposits and automatic bill payment and account reconciliation as well as inventory and restocking of personal and home care supplies.

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