Most people believe you must be impoverished to qualify for Medicaid benefits.

This is a common myth regarding Medicaid qualifications. You do not have to be poor to qualify for Medicaid, however, you have to meet Medicaid eligibility requirements. We help financially educate and prepare our clients for short and long term care so that their only focus is to age gracefully, with Respect, Honor, & Dignity.

Our Medicaid Planning & Eligibility services provide an alternative solution to traditional Medicaid planning with much lower fees. Traditional Medical planning services can cost near $8,000 to $15,000 to retain an Elder law attorney. We offer Medicaid-compliant planning strategies, using a sliding scale fee formula to help make Our services affordable for everyone! Our Medicaid Advocates are Medicaid policy trained, to ensure all of Our planning strategies are Medicaid compliance.

Starting with a free phone consultation, we will assess you and/or your loved ones' short/long term care needs and discuss what services and how our services will be of your benefit. We work closely with you and your family to build a long term care plan. There are circumstances where you would need an Elder law attorney, if we are unable to meet your Medicaid Planning needs, we have an array of Elder law attorneys we can provide referral to.

Because of the complexities of Medicaid, we do not recommend you attempt to "spend down", move or transfer any of your assets without the direction of your advocate or elder law attorney.

***Do not give away, sell or transfer/move any of your assets to anyone without proper guidance.***

Our Health & Social Advocate Medicaid Planning Services

Medicaid Planning & Eligibility

We can assist you with determining how soon you or your loved one can qualify for Medicaid benefits. We assist you in preparing your financial affairs for the Medicaid eligibility process. We analyze your income and resources and assist in a spend down plan of your assets, if needed. We will apply for Medicaid and complete the entire process on your behalf. We can become your communication liaison between yourself and Medicaid for the eligibility process and ongoing case management.

Medicaid Guidance

This is the Mini version of our Medicaid Planning & Eligibility. This service provides all the planning & eligibility, however, you or your loved one will complete the Medicaid process yourselves. We will provide all the necessary documents, prepare the Medicaid packet of the initial information needed for the interview and a Medicaid Interview Guide to assist you with the interview questions and inquires.

Medicaid Spend Down Assistance

This program is for individuals who are looking to be prepared for Medicaid in the near future or they are already Medicaid recipients and have sold their home or an asset, such as life insurance or received an inheritance, that would cause them to lose their current Medicaid benefits. We assist in executing a Spend Down plan to help preserve the Medicaid benefits and prevent the individual from having to reapply for Medicaid, due to over resource issues and losing all their finances to the nursing home.

You don’t have to battle this alone. There is help and you have found the Beacon of Light you have been looking for! Let Us guide you back to shore and help take away the burden of long-term care financial planning.